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5A Southern Region

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 Schedule, Rules, Regulations, Instructions


2010 ~ 5A Southern Region ~ Track & Field Championships ~ Tournament Guide

Coaches, Athletic Directors, Athletes, Officials       


Location:        Rincon University High  Track and Field Complex.  421 N. Arcadia Ave. ~ Tucson , AZ

Admission:      $5.00 per person per session.  Only AIA passes will be honored.  Athletes in uniform are free.

Dates:             Wednesday, May 5th, 2010                              Friday, May 7th, 2010

Times:             Weigh-ins begin:           2:30 pm                        Coaches Meeting:         2:45 pm
                         Field Events:                 3:30 pm                        Track Events:               4:30 pm

Contacts:        Athletic Director:          Hank Matz                   232-5637
                        Track Coaches:            John Radspinner           235-2621
                                                            Chris Golston               891-5531
                        Athletic Trainer:            Jon Herzner                  349-1335

Trainer:          Jon Herzner, is the certified trainer for RUHS.  His office is located immediately east
of the Track and Field Complex.  Please bring water for your team camp, and training supplies for your

Lockers:         Locker rooms will be available for use but they will not be supervised or secure.  It is suggested
that they be used for changing only and all gear be taken to the team camps.

T-Shirts:         Souvenir t-shirts will be available for purchase immediately east of the Track and Field Complex. 

Concessions:  The Concession Stand is located immediately east of the Track and Field Complex.

Hospitality:     A Hospitality Room will operate in the school cafeteria.  The Hospitality Room will be available
to coaches, officials, and supervisors.

Supervision:   Each school should provide an administrative supervisor for each session of the meet.  Please
forward the names of the individuals to Hank Matz

Volunteers:     Meet management is requesting that each of the participating schools provide two (2) volunteers
knowledgeable in the indicated areas to assist in the conduct of the meet.  Schools may provide
additional qualified volunteers in other areas if they wish.  Please forward the names of the
volunteers to Hank Matz.  Volunteers will be welcome at the Hospitality Room.

                        Ironwood Ridge:  Discus                                    Mountain View :  High Jump
  Rincon University:  Triple Jump                          Salpointe:  Pole Vault
  Sunnyside:  Shot Put                                           Tucson:  Long Jump

                        Other areas where volunteers would be appreciated:  wind gauge operators, hurdle marshals, bull pen personnel, and finish line personnel.            

2010 ~ 5A Southern
Region ~ Track & Field Championships ~ Rules-Procedures-Results

Jury of           Girls:  Lita Holland, Buena  ~  Adam Vargas, Mt. View   ~  Mary Cozby, Sunnyside
Appeals:         Boys:  Gary Forrest, Ironwood Ridge  ~  Malisa Carino, Salpointe  ~  John Warren, Tucson

Rules:             Rules shall be those of the current National Federation Track and Field Rule Book with
exceptions noted in the AIA Constitution and Bylaws and this Tournament Guide.

             §         Coaches (except pole vault coaches) will remain in the stands; under no circumstances should
                        coaches come onto the field.     Pole Vault coaches are allowed only in the PV coaching box
                        and are allowed to communicate only with pole vaulters still in the competition.

             §          Athletes should not be on the field unless participating.  They must remain in their assigned area.

             §          The AIA Sportsmanship Rule will be in effect as a continuation from the regular season.

             §          The 34.92° sector will be used in the shot put and discus rings.

             §          A Region Meet is a Championship Meet.  All ties will be eliminated in accordance with the
manner designated in the National Federation Track and Field Rule Book.  If a tie still exists, the
remaining ties will advance to the State Meet.

                §          Any coach or competitor using tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or misusing drugs at the
tournament site during athletic contests sponsored by the AIA shall be disqualified from the
contest.  (Refer to the AIA Constitution and Bylaws, Article 14, Section 14.13)

                 §         Absolutely no electronic devices are to be used inside the Track and Field Complex.  Specifically:
the track, the infield, field event areas, and the bull pen.  Athletes should restrict their use to the stands
and the warm up area located behind the north bleachers.  At no time should a coach communicate with competing athletes through electronic means.

             §         All athletes must wear a legal school uniform to compete.  Relay members must match in
accordance with the current NFHS Rule Book.

                 §         No bandanas, hair beads, boxer shorts hanging below uniform shorts, or jewelry are allowed. 

                 §         Solid single colored undergarments are allowed.  Relays members must match if worn.

                 §         Removing one’s jersey on the infield is not allowed.

                 §         Athletes must be in correct uniform before reporting to their events.


Facilities:        Teams should be dropped off at the southern most gate on Arcadia Ave.   Busses are not allowed
on campus during school hours.  The south parking lot will be available at approximately 1:50 on Wednesday and 2:55 on Friday.  After the stated times busses can park along the west side of Arcadia Ave if they arrive from the north via 5th Street.
Spikes must be ¼ inch or smaller on the all-weather surfaces.  Starting blocks will be provided. 


Scoring:          Scoring for individual events shall be as follows:
             1st – 10 pts, 2nd – 8 pts, 3rd – 6 pts, 4th – 5 pts, 5th – 4 pts, 6th – 3 pts, 7th – 2 pts, 8th – 1 pt.

                        Scoring for relay events shall be as follows:
            1st – 10 pts, 2nd – 8 pts, 3rd – 6 pts, 4th – 4 pts, 5th – 2 pts, 6th – 1 pt.

Awards:          Medals will be awarded to the top four (4) finishers including relays.  All awards will be handed
                        out as soon as possible after each event.  Listen to the announcements.  If the actual
                        competitor is not available please have a stand-in report to the awards presentation. 
Medals not dispersed will be placed in packets for coaches to pick up at the end of
                        each session.

Entries:          To enter the 5A Southern Region Track & Field Championships go to prior
                        to the entry deadline of 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 29th, 2010.  All schools are allowed to
                        enter four (4) individuals per event and one (1) squad per relay.  Please make sure to list all
                        relay alternates at athletic·net.  There will be a scratch meeting for each day of competition.
                        As decided at the 2009 5A Region Meet a scratched athlete can be replaced prior to or at
                        the scratch meeting for preliminary events or races that are conducted as timed finals
                        (ex:  1600 meters).  No substitutions will be allowed for athletes who qualified in a prelim but 
                        are unable to report for the finals of that event.  Email changes to Meet Management as soon
                        as possible.
                        Reseeding will only take place for clerical errors, not for last minute replacements.  Substitutes
                        will take the starting position of the athlete replaced.  Meet management requests you list any
                        possible substitutes on your original roster at athletic·net.  Absolutely no changes will take
                        place at a field event site, the bull pen, or a starting line.

Request:         Please double check the abbreviation used for your school at the State Meet last year.  If it 
                        does not match the abbreviation that athletic·net is using please request that they change to 
                        the State Meet abbreviation.  This will make uploading the results and the qualifiers to the 
                        State Meet organizers much more fluent and accurate.  Example:  RUHS not Rinc or Rin.

Field               The long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus will be conducted by gender with two flights
Events:           of fourteen (14) maximum competitors in each gender.  Spike length must be verified before
                        warm-ups on the runways can begin.  Throwing implements must be weighed in
                        before reporting to the throwing circles for warm-up.  All competitors will receive three (3)
                        preliminary attempts with the top nine (9) earning three more attempts in the finals.  Ties for
                        the ninth spot will all compete in the finals.  Finals will follow immediately after the 
                        second flight.  Time limits will be followed per NFHS Rules.  Athletes competing in two
                        events at the same time must check in and out according to NFHS Rules.  Remember that
                        running events have the highest priority, than vertical events, followed by horizontal events.
                        The high jump and the pole vault will be conducted using “3 alive” or “5 alive” at the
                        discretion of the head official for each event and the number of competitors in each.
                        A maximum of 28 competitors in each gender will be competing in each event straight
                        through to conclusion. All pole vault competitors must be weighed in and poles verified
                        for legality before the athlete reports to the runway for warm-up.  The starting height in 
                        each event will be determined by the head event official based on the requested heights  
                        of the athletes.  The suggested starting heights are as follows:
                        Girls HJ – 4’-6”, Boys HJ – 5’-6”, Girls PV –6’-6”, and Boys PV – 9’-6”.
                        The increment for the High Jump will be 2” and the Pole Vault 6” until 5 or fewer
                        competitors remain at the conclusion of a height at which time the High Jump increment
                        will be 1” and the Pole Vault increment will be 3”.  Any jump-offs will be conducted
                        according to NFHS Rules.

Lane                The maximum field of 28 will be divided into four (4) heats of seven (7) athletes.  
Events:           Lanes will be assigned based on NFHS Rules and posted on the Region Website.  
100m               Each school “owns” four (4) lanes.  Scratches and changes will only be accepted prior
200m               to or during the Coaches’ Meeting held for each day of the meet.  Changes must not cause
400m              an athlete to exceed the four (4) event limit.  Substitutes must already be on the roster
HH                 submitted to athletic·net. The winner in each of the heats will advance to the finals along
IH                   with the next four fastest times.  Per NFHS Rules ties can be broken using 1/1000 of
                        a second.  Heats may be collapsed based on the number of actual competitors.     

Distance         The maximum field of 28 will be divided into two (2) heats of fourteen (14) athletes.   
Events:           The faster seeded heat will be contested second for each gender.  The winner and all 
800m               places will be determined by fully automatic timing.  Per NFHS Rules ties can be broken 
1600m             using 1/1000 of a second.  Heats may be collapsed based on the number of actual
3200m             competitors.  Scratches and changes will only be accepted prior to or during the
                        Coaches’ Meeting held for each day of the meet.  Substitutes must already be on the
                        roster submitted to athletic·net.     

Relay              The 4 x 800 relays will start in lanes using a one-turn stagger.  The break will be at 100 meters.
Events:           The 4 x 400 meters will start in lanes using a three-turn stagger.   The break will be at 500 meters
                        during the second leg of the race.  The 4 x 100 will start and finish in lanes using a two-turn
                        stagger.  Competing in a relay must not cause an athlete to exceed the four (4) event limit.
                        Scratches and changes will be accepted for relay members prior to or at the report call.
                        Alternates must already be on the roster submitted to athletic·net.

Results:          The results will be posted on the press box windows as soon as possible at the completion
of each event.  Final results and team scores will be posted on the Region Website and all other
Track and Field sites that typically post Arizona High School Results.

Advancing       The winner of each event by gender will advance automatically to their respective State Meet.
To State:         Seventeen (17) additional athletes will also qualify from a rank order list of all finishers in all
                        Region Meets of the same classification.  Eighteen (18) athletes will qualify for the other State
                        Meet from a rank order list of all finishers in all Region Meets of that classification.

Example:  The Boys Long Jump is won by “Terry Smith” of Sunnyside High School  
            which is a 5A-II school.  There are six other region meets containing 5A-II schools.  
            Should a 5A-II athlete win the Boys Long Jump in all six there will be eleven (11) 
            available slots filled from the Region Meet rank order lists.  All eighteen (18) 5A-I 
            slots would be filled from the 5A-I rank order lists.  In addition, athletes not qualifying
by either method noted above but who have surpassed the Outside Qualifying Standards
           will be allowed to compete at the State Meet should their coach declare their intent to do so.
           Remember that all Region Championships count as Outside Qualifying Meets. Please turn in
           your outside qualifier forms at the conclusion of the Region Championships to the computer
           personnel in the press box.